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Gavan Boschele (21) races under Chase Dunham at I-75 Raceway. (Jim DenHamer photo)

15-Year-Old Boschele Is USCS Winner

SWEETWATER, Tenn. — Fifteen-year-old Gavan Boschele held off a talented field of USCS Outlaw Thunder Tour and Great Lakes Super Sprint drivers to park in victory lane on night one of the fifth annual USCS North vs. South Sprint Car Shootout at I -75 Raceway on Friday night.

The talented teenager inherited the point from  Tyler Rankin and Morgan Havener, who both left the track surface under caution,  almost simultaneously,  while running in first and second positions because of flat tires. 

Their misfortunes placed Boshele on the point with 15 Laps to go. He proceeded to hold off Zane Devault and Chase Dunham.

Dunham managed to take the lead from the USCS Rookie of the Year contender for a lap before Boschele raced back under him to make the winning pass and held on to race under the flagstand first to see the checkers wave after 25 laps.

Devault grabbed the runner-up spot back from Dunham who finished in the final podium spot.

Brad Lamberson charged from 19thth starting position to finish fourth while garnering the Wilwood Disc Brakes Hardcharger Award. Sprint car veteran Dustin Daggett rounded out the top five.

The finish:

Feature (25 laps): 1. 21-Gavan Boschele[6]; 2. 23Z-Zane Devault[5]; 3. 66-Chase Dunham[8]; 4. 27-Brad Lamberson[19]; 5. 85-Dustin Daggett[9]; 6. 7C-Phil Gressman[14]; 7. 71H-Max Stambaugh[7]; 8. 28-Jeff Willingham[11]; 9. 10M-Morgan Turpen Havener[3]; 10. 10-Terry Gray[4]; 11. 46-Ryan Coniam[13]; 12. 16C-Tylar Rankin[2]; 13. 24D-Danny Sams III[12]; 14. 11G-Luke Griffith[16]; 15. 48-Wade Buttrey[10]; 16. 23M-Lance Moss[21]; 17. 0-Brayton Phillips[18]; 18. 7E-Eric Gunderson[20]; 19. 33-Mike Hall[22]; 20. 51X-Matt Linder[15]; 21. (DNF) 17-Jared Horstman[1]; 22. (DNF) 07-Johnny Bridges[17]