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Eventual Trophy Cup winner Buddy Kofoid (57) chases Colby Copeland during last year’s event at Thunderbowl Raceway. (Devin Mayo photo)

111 Cars Entered For 28th Trophy Cup

TULARE, Calif. — Next month’s Abreu Vineyards 28th Trophy Cup Presented By Rudeen Racing has drawn a record number of entries and may pay a record purse for the three-day event at Tulare Thunderbowl Raceway.

There are 111 cars entered for the Cup, to set an all-time record and the purse has a guaranteed $200,000 payout. The regular payout has the champion receiving $28,000, while the drivers that fill the 24-car field for the final night’s 50 lap race will each receive at least $5,000.

But this year, it could be a substantially increased payout for the champion.

A sponsor is making the bonus possible and the four drivers who start the 50-lap Saturday night finale in rows nine and 10 will be eligible to collect the bonus if they win both the main event and the Trophy Cup title.

With 20 cars inverted by points, the two rows eligible means they are the top four in points entering the extra length main. If the high point car entering the main wins the race and championship, the total winnings for the three days will be a guaranteed $50,000. If the second in points wins the main and title, the check will be for $40,000. 

If third in points is both the main event winner and high point car, the reward will be $35,000 and if fourth in points is able to win both race and points, the total will be $30,000. 

Another record that could be set is the youngest champion of the Cup. 

Buddy Kofoid now owns that record after stealing last year’s title as a 19-year-old driver. Several challengers to that record will be racing this year, including fourth in points Corey Day, sixth-place points finishing Ryan Timms, and 19th in points from last year, Chase Randall.