Drake Edwards after winning the WMR feature in Mohave Valley. (WMR Photo)

WMR Round Two Goes To Edwards In Mohave Valley

MOHAVE VALLEY, Ariz. — Drake Edwards drove the Kevin Felkins-owned No. 4 Western Midget to victory in Saturday’s debut appearance for WMR at Mohave Valley Raceway.

A series-best 22 car field assembled for the 25-lap feature, serving as round two for the Western Midget Racing championship season.

“We got to the lead pretty fast. I was able to slide (A.J. Hernandez). A couple laps later Isaiah showed me the bottom, then the power steering went out. He tried a couple of different times but we got lucky enough to get the win,” Edwards said. “This track is awesome. We will definitely be back.”

Edwards drove from seventh to win the opening eight lap heat race. Racin Silva drove the No. 5s Spike to victory in heat two while A.J. Hernandez won heat three in Mike McCluney’s No. 11 Triple-X Chassis.

Kyle Huttenhow in the No. 57 Triple-X shared the front row with Hernandez on the one-third-mile dirt track before a vocal and excited crowd. Hernandez grabbed the lead at the start. Brian Corso suffered a flip in Cameron Beard’s No. 42 but was uninjured. Edwards slid past Hernandez on the restart for the lead. The caution came out a lap later for Tyler and Chloe High tangled in turn four.

Hernandez fell backwards with Isaiah Vasquez moving up to second position. Nate Wait charged from 14th to third by lap 18. Tyler High flipped in turn three for a red flag on lap 18. Vasquez briefly challenged Edwards to no avail. Edwards topped Vasquez, Cory Brown, and 12th starting Kyle Hawse.

The Finish:

Feature (25 Laps): 1. 4-Drake Edwards[4]; 2. 7-Isaiah Vasquez[6]; 3. 76-Nate Wait[14]; 4. 29-Cory Brown[5]; 5. 20-Kyle Hawse[12]; 6. 50S-Rocky Silva[16]; 7. 21-Brody Wake[9]; 8. 57-Kyle Huttenhow[1]; 9. 28-JR Wood[17]; 10. 31-Todd Hawse[13]; 11. 3AZ-Chloe High[10]; 12. 81K-Rickey Kinney Jr[18]; 13. 66-Darin Horton[22]; 14. 01-Nathan High[11]; 15. 33-Tyler High[8]; 16. 11-AJ Hernandez[2]; 17. 48-Gary DeWitt[20]; 18. 68-Gene Sigal[21]; 19. 96X-Logan Mitchell[7]; 20. 5S-Racin Silva[3]; 21. 42-Brian Corso[15]; 22. (DNS) 50K-Patrick Kop