Prickett Wmr March 27
David Prickett and his family in Ocean Speedway victory lane.

It’s Prickett Again In Western Midget Racing Action

WATSONVILLE, Calif. – David Prickett topped a growing field of Western Midget Racing presented by Masters Design and Construction entries on Friday night at Ocean Speedway.

Prickett earned a hard-fought win over Blake Bower in round two of the season, marking his 12th victory in WMR competition.

David Taft took the lead early around Cameron Beard, with Prickett beginning to move forward after starting sixth. Great racing took place throughout the healthy field as Prickett and eighth-starting Bower advanced forward.

Taft had an issue in turn one that cost him the lead on lap four. Shawn Arriaga also stopped under the caution, with his race ending prematurely.

Beard inherited the lead but was overhauled by Bower on lap five. Prickett seized the lead exiting turn four on lap six, however.

Prickett and Bower drag raced down the backstretch until the caution flew for Steve Durant spinning in turn one.

Bower showed his nose to Prickett on the restart and continued to try to edge underneath as the race passed halfway. Beard spun to require the next restart, and the tight racing up front continued.

Antonia Boscacci spun from third, setting up the final restart.

Bower hounded Prickett but Prickett took the win followed by Bower, Taft, Beard, and Megan Moorhead, who earned her second consecutive top-five finish.

The finish:

1. 22q-David Prickett [6]; 2. 9-Blake Bower [8]; 3. 74-David Taft [2]; 4. 24-Cameron Beard [1]; 5. 17-Megan Moorhead [12]; 6. 12H-Steve Durant [9]; 7. 0FG-Jon Santibanes [11]; 8. 10-Antonia Boscacci [3]; 9. 99-Darren Brent [5]; 10. 35-Shawn Arriaga [7]; 11. 58-Tyler Slay [4]; 12. 6-Nick Foster Jr. (DNS).

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