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Logan Seavey (39) races under Cannon McIntosh en route to winning the Chili Bowl Nationals at Tulsa Expo Raceway. (Brendon Bauman photo)

Chili Bowl Nationals Now $20,000 To Win

TULSA, Okla. — On top of the money added into Saturday’s program during the 2023 Chili Bowl Nationals, teams will now have more to look forward to when they roll into Tulsa this coming January, as the 38th annual Chili Bowl Nationals will wrap up with a $20,000 to win, $2,000 to start championship feature event.

Throw in the annual lap money bonus ($150 per lap to the leader, $50 to second) on Saturday, and the winner could potentially walk away with $28,250.

Along with adding money to the 55-lap affair, payouts throughout Saturday’s alphabet soup will also increase, along with preliminary nights getting a bump to $3,000 to win, $300 to start.

Looking through Saturday’s alphabet payout, the first non-transfer in the B-Features will get $800, with the two consolation races paying $600 to start. C-Features will start at $500 for the first non-transfer. D-Features start at $400. E-Features are $200 for all non-transferring teams. F-Features are $150 to all who don’t advance, G-Features are $125, with H-Features and beyond receiving $100 to non-transferring teams.

Transferring drivers will also receive bonus money in addition to money earned in the next race. That goes for preliminary nights as well.