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Bower Scores 10th Career Watsonville Triumph

WATSONVILLE, Calif. — Last year’s Western Midget Racing champion Blake Bower continued to dominate racing at Ocean Speedway, scoring his tenth career victory at the Santa Cruz County Faigrounds dirt track on Friday night.

Bower and Todd Hawse split the two heat races for outstanding 15-car field on hand during “Modified Madness” at the facility.

Bower led the opening three laps before a caution for Sparky Howard spinning in turn one in the No. 22q.

Sage Bordenave steered the No. 11 around the outside of Nate Wait to take second on the restart.

Darrin Horton flipped car No. 66 in turn three for a red flag on lap four. Logan Mitchell made a trip to the work area under the caution flag.

Bower banged off the inside curb in turns three and four on the restart with Bordenave hounding him for the lead. Bower was able to fend off the challenge as Bordenave slipped backward on a treacherous outside line.

Wait retook second from Bordenave on lap 11 and 2023 Ventura winner Bryant Bell looked inside Bordenave for third but to no avail. The yellow flag flew on lap 11 when Norman Harley Rose stopped on the backstretch.

Bower cruised over the final nine laps for a 2.2 second victory over Wait. Bordenave held off Bell for third with Todd Hawse finishing fifth.

Feature Finish (20 Laps)

1. 9-Blake Bower[1]; 2. 76-Nate Wait[3]; 3. 11-Sage Bordenave[4]; 4. 09-Bryant Bell[5]; 5. 31N-Todd Hawse[2]; 6. 7-Greg Dennett[7]; 7. 22Q-Sparky Howard[12]; 8. 20-Kyle Hawse[8]; 9. 35X-Doug Johnson[15]; 10. 96X-Logan Mitchell[6]; 11. 10-Norman Rose[11]; 12. 4-Rick Faeth[13]; 13. 6S-David Prickett[10]; 14. 66-Darin Horton[9]; 15. (DNS) 35-John Sarale