Blake Bower
Blake Bower

Bower Is Top Dog Of Ventura Western Midget Field

VENTURA, Calif. – Blake Bower topped the largest field in the young history of the Western Midget Racing presented by Masters Design and Construction, winning Saturday’s 20-lap return to Ventura Raceway.

The victory came over an 18-car field and the first event at the fifth-mile since 2019.

Randi Pankratz, David Prickett and Bower won the three heat races that set the feature lineup. Megan Moorhead lined up on the pole in the No. 17 Spike Chassis alongside Bower in the No. 9 Spike Chassis. Bower went around the outside of Moorhead to lead lap one. Prickett lined up third but fell to fourth at the start. He passed Pankratz for third on the outside then moved past Moorhead for second.

Antonia Boscacci stopped in turn four to require a caution with Cory Brown narrowly avoiding her. Boscacci then spun in turn two to end her race prematurely on lap five.

Kala Kellinoi and Joey Bishop got hooked together exiting turn two, sending Kellinoi into a tip over. Both were able to continue.

Bower was able to pull away from Prickett on the restart, taking his second consecutive victory in the championship. Pankratz finished third followed by Brown and Moorhead.

The finish:

1. 9 Blake Bower [2]; 2. 22q David Prickett [3]; 3. 11 Randi Pankratz [4]; 4. 29 Cory Brown [9]; 5. 17 Megan Moorhead [1]; 6. 22 Paul Sanders [5]; 7. 6 Brent Curran [10]; 8. 99 Darren Brent [8]; 9. 57 Kyle Huttenhow [15]; 10. 8K Kala Kellinoi [16]; 11. 5 Joey Bishop [13]; 12. 26 Tim Foy [11]; 13. 20 Kyle Hawse [7]; 14. 0FG Brandon Curran [14]; 15. 37 Wally Pankratz [6]; 16. 10 Antonia Boscacci [12]; DNS: 73 Dennis Simunovich; 91 Mike Cook

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