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Carrick Is Chico SCCT Star

CHICO, Calif. — Tanner Carrick won the 35 lap Tyler Wolf Memorial at the Silver Dollar Speedway on Friday night.

The Sprint Car Challenge Tour event served as the opening night of the two-night Fall Nationals at the northern California track.

The Lincoln, California driver of the familiar white and black NO. 83T held off a last-turn bonsi move by Shane Golobic to take the $4,000 check plus lap money. Golobic’s move proved costly as his slide job put him in the cushion at the exit of turn four and he lost two spots before he could recover.

Both Mitchell Faccinto and Kalib Henry got around Golobic in the few yards remaining to the finish line. Golobic had led on lap 12 from polesitter Tony Gomes. He went on to battle both Gomes and Carrick as the trio worked lapped traffic. Gomes began to fade in the middle stages of the race while Carrick took the lead for the first time on lap 24. Golobic quickly got around Carrick but his pass was negated when SCCT points leader Andy Forsberg went over the banking of turn one to cause a caution.

Carrick, Golobic and Faccinto wagged war until Ricky Sanders brought out his second caution of the race when he stopped coming out of the fourth turn.

On the restart, Corey Day took a nasty tumble through the second turn to bring out the red.

Officials used this stoppage as an open red and teams were allowed to refuel the cars.

On the restart, Golobic used the final six laps to take second place from Faccinto. In the last turn, Golobic went for it all and threw a slider however he wasn’t able to clear Carrick completely and the two cars made contact. Carrick suffered damage to his small front wing, while Golobic was trying to keep his own car straight and would lose two positions.

Besides Day’s flip, the red lights would come on two other times during the extra

distance event. Isaish Vasquez got upside down on the backstretch. Joel Myers Jr., was

running 16th on lap 16 when he took a tumble in the second turn.

The finish:

Tanner Carrick, Mitchell Faccinto, Kalib Henry, Shane Golobic, Tanner Holmes, Logan Forler, Dylan Bloomfield, Tony Gomes, Michael Faccinto, Max Mittry, Landon Brooks, Blake Carrick, Kaleb Montgomery, Colby Johnson, Luke Hayes, Corey Day, Ricky Sanders, Andy Forsberg, Willie Croft, Joel Myers, JR., Jake Andreotti, Nick Parker, Ryan Robinson, Isaiah Vasquez