Kory Wermling
Kory Wermling (ASCS photo)

Wermling Whips Frontier Foes

BELGRADE, Mont. — Adding his name to the list of winners with the Brodix ASCS Frontier Region on Friday night, Montana’s Kory Wermling scooted to victory at Gallatin Speedway.

The 2021 season-opening event for the Frontier Region, Wermling took over the lead on lap 24 from Trever Kirkland, who had led the opening 23 revolutions.

Holding on the final two laps, Wermling was pursued to the finish by Logan Forler, who made it to second after starting 11th. Tyler Driever was third with 10th-starting Chauncey Filler in fourth. Bryan Brown completed the top five.

The finish:

Feature (25 Laps): 1. 9K-Kory Wermling[2]; 2. 2L-Logan Forler[11]; 3. 33T-Tyler Driever[3]; 4. 74U-Chauncey Filler[10]; 5. 38B-Bryan Brown[13]; 6. 2-Shad Petersen[9]; 7. 00B-Michael Bingham[15]; 8. 31-Shane Moore[5]; 9. 11H-Heath Denney[7]; 10. 37-Trever Kirkland[4]; 11. 2X-Mike Manwill[19]; 12. 0J-Jeremy McCune[8]; 13. 38-DJ Brink[16]; 14. 20-Mitchell Burns[12]; 15. 14-Madison Crowther[14]; 16. 5C-Channing Filler[20]; 17. 77-Damon McCune[1]; 18. (DNS) 11M-Mindy McCune; 19. (DNS) 18-Paul Jones; 20. (DNS) 38C-Caleb Crowther; 21. (DNS) 72-Phil Dietz; 22. (DNS) 81-Darren Smith

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