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Updated Calendar & New Formula E Rules Revealed

LONDON – The sporting regulations for season eight of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship were ratified Friday by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile during the World Motor Sport Council.

Following consultation by the FIA and Formula E with sporting, technical and commercial stakeholders, the WMSC approved three key updates for season eight:

  • An updated 16-race calendar with new race locations confirmed including the addition of Jakarta with Vancouver and Seoul.
  • Up to 10 minutes of added race time to offset neutralisations during Safety Cars & Full-Course Yellows. The power of the Gen2 cars will increase from 200kW to 220kW, as ratified at July’s WMSC.
  • The introduction of a new qualifying format featuring Groups and head-to-head Duels to provide a platform for the best teams and drivers to compete while retaining opportunity and unpredictability.

Formula E races can now have additional race time of up to a maximum of 10 minutes added when incidents result in a Safety Car or Full Course Yellow during the standard 45-minute + 1 lap race. As ratified at July’s WMSC, Formula E’s all-electric Gen2 cars will be able to use 220kW of power in season eight, an increase from 200kW in Season 7, during the 45 minute + 1 Lap races. Power allowed during Attack Mode will also increase to 250kW from 235kW in season seven.

Also validated Friday was a new qualifying format featuring Groups and head-to-head knockout Duels, which will allow the best teams and drivers to showcase their speed and skill. 
Qualifying will feature a first round of two groups, with each driver able to make multiple attempts at fast laps within their allocated time. The top four fastest drivers in each group will progress into head-to-head knockout Duels races in the quarterfinals and semifinals. Pole position will be decided in a final head-to-head Duel, with all grid positions based on either success in the head-to-head Duels, or lap times depending on which stage of qualifying drivers reach.


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