Performance Track Day is coming to Arizona's Apex Motor Club.

O’Connell & Law Create Performance Track Day

Performance Track Day is coming to Arizona’s Apex Motor Club.

PHOENIX – Sports car racing veterans Johnny O’Connell and Darren Law have partnered together to create their own high performance driving event: Performance Track Day.

Envisioned to be a fantasy camp for the automotive inclined, Performance Track Day is a track experience where individuals can take their own car on track and experience what its true capabilities are as well as learning more about their own skill level.

O’Connell and Law will be running each event, onsite to provide a coaching experience like no other.

“We’re really excited to finally have Performance Track Day out and public,” said Law. “Johnny and I have been working for this for some time, and are incredibly passionate about making such a unique driving experience available, and to be able to experience that with new people will be so much fun.”

Going all the way back to 1991, Law and O’Connell have been close friends. Back then, both were instructors for the Bondurant School, while simultaneously working on their racing careers. As each earned more and more success, they left the world of instructing to fully dedicate themselves to their motorsports career.

From there, O’Connell raced for General Motors, and Law for Flying Lizard Motorsports and Brumos Porsche, each building impressive records of success as professional, championship-winning drivers.

Both would return for a second stint at Bondurant, with O’Connell working as Vice President, and Law as Chief Operating Officer.

Their passion and love for the sport, and the shared joy of instructing, brought them back together in 2014 when the seeds were planted for Performance Track Day.

“It was during this time that we both felt it would be good to one day share our skills and racing experiences,” explained O’Connell. “From there, we began laying the foundation for Performance Track Days. As both Darren and I have lengthy resumes when it comes to both racing and instructing, we discussed the idea of creating a program where both he and I get out on track with the participants.”

The first Performance Track Day will be held at the prestigious new Apex Motor Club in Maricopa, Ariz., less than 35 miles from the heart of Phoenix. Apex is the newest members-only club track in the country.

Performance Track day will utilize the recently-opened Phase 1 race track at Apex, which measures 2.27 miles with a 3,400 foot straightaway.

Participants will take their own car on track and experience its true capabilities, as well as learn more about their own potential under the guidance of O’Connell and Law.

Open to all skill and experience levels, the first Performance Track Day will be limited to thirty guests. The driver pair will run each event, onsite and on track to provide a coaching experience like no other.

Whether it’s your first time on track, or you’re an experienced professional, Performance Track Day is a one of a kind, memorable experience that will give participants the opportunity to enjoy their car and improve their on-track performance.