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Construction at Laguna Seca is scheduled to begin in November. (Laguna Seca photo)

Monterey County Approves Final Budget For Laguna Seca Resurfacing

MONTEREY, Calif. — The County of Monterey Board of Supervisors recently approved the project budget of $14,902,198 and directed staff to proceed with replacing the start/finish bridge and resurfacing the 2.238-mile road course at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca.

Owned by the County of Monterey, the investment represents the county’s commitment to ensure the long-term future of the internationally known facility.

Granite Construction was awarded the project and will begin the undertaking in November. 

The start/finish bridge is the first proposed development of the twofold project, as it is reaching the end of its lifespan and requires replacement for public safety.

In April, the Board of Supervisors approved an estimated cost of $9,725,000 for the two critical projects. But because of the unprecedented worldwide influences of increased transportation and petroleum costs, the cost of the project came in well over the estimate.

“I will admit that I was very concerned the increased costs that were completely out of anyone’s control might negatively affect proceeding with the project,” Narigi added. “The supervisors’ questions and concerns for the increased funding was evident, but they also knew how important Laguna Seca is to the Monterey County economy, impacting our local retail and hospitality industries and the non-profits which support operational needs during event weeks.

“Their support is the strongest voice the Laguna Seca Recreation Area has received and indicates their commitment to a bright, multi-use future for the park.”