Ernie Francis Jr. (pictured) and Chloe Chambers have been named the first drivers for Future Star Racing.
Ernie Francis Jr. (pictured) and Chloe Chambers have been named the first drivers for Future Star Racing.

Francis & Chambers Join Future Star Racing

INDIANAPOLIS – Future Star Racing has confirmed that Ernie Francis Jr. and Chloe Chambers will drive for the team during its inaugural season.

Coaching the young drivers are two-time Indianapolis 500 winner Al Unser Jr. and SFHR Development co-owner Sarah Fisher.

“What an incredible opportunity the McAlister’s are creating through FSR,” Fisher said. “And for these drivers to work with Al [Unser Jr.] is a great addition to their program. He and his dad helped me immensely with driving techniques in Indycars, so our team’s alliance with FSR is coming full circle. Al is an expert on road courses which Chloe and Ernie will benefit greatly from with him as their coach.”

Francis, the winningest all-time driver in 55 years of Trans-Am racing, will be competing in the Formula Regional Americas Championship Powered by Honda on behalf of FSR. Francis opened his Trans-Am Series season by claiming the pole and setting a new track record at Sebring Int’l Raceway. He is also scheduled to compete in the inaugural season of the Superstar Racing Experience this summer.

“I am extremely excited to make my debut in the FR America’s series with Future Star Racing,” Francis said. “Coming from a GT car background, open wheel racing had always been out of reach. Having this opportunity is incredible and I look forward to racing this season.”

The recipient of the PMH Powering Diversity Scholarship from Parella Motorsports Holdings, Chambers will be competing in the F4 United States Championship Powered by Honda. Already gaining momentum for the season, she’s logged laps in testing with the team in preparation for the first race in March.

“I am super excited to race in the F4 Championship with Future Star Racing,” Chambers said. “I am incredibly grateful to Mark and Alora McAlister for this opportunity, along with Tony Parella of Motorsports Holdings for awarding me the PMH Powering Diversity Scholarship. It is an honor to represent Gift of Adoption Fund – a cause that is so dear to my family.”

Mark and Alora McAlister launched Future Star Racing in 2020, to support talented drivers who, while great at their sport, may be lacking the funds to compete in racing.

“So many times in racing you have an amazing talent, who doesn’t have the kind of money or sponsors they need to compete,” Mark McAlister said. “We see it all the time. That’s why we created The Wings and Wheels Foundation, Inc., to support that talent, and Future Star Racing, to provide the tools and professional help they deserve.”