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Video Project Highlights Untold Stories Of Cal Wells

MOORESVILLE, N.C. – While the off-road world has forged the reputation of many top names within the greater ranks of motorsports, perhaps none looms larger than the incredible history of Cal Wells III.

In preparation for his upcoming induction into the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame (ORMHOF), a new video series entitled “Cal Wells: Excellence Was Expected” is being released. 

Honoring a combined class of 2020 and ’21, Wells, along with 10 other inductees, will be added to the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame in a special ceremony scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 30 at the South Point Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. 

The most prolific team owner in the sport, Wells and his Precision Preparation Inc. factory Toyota effort earned a record-shattering 11 total off-road Driver’s Championships, 14 total off-road Manufacturer’s Championships and 88 total major off-road race victories. Cal’s influence on racing carried over to both open-wheel and stock car competition as well. 

Produced by Southern California-based TRG Rennsport, the new “Cal Wells: Excellence Was Expected” project offers very personal glimpses into his legacy via cinema quality film shorts interviewing many of the people that helped create the Cal Wells/Precision Preparation Inc. story.    

The first four videos in the series have already been released. The first, entitled the “The Custodian,” explores Wells’ philosophy on finding and securing corporate sponsorship, a not-so-secret aspect to his success. The piece includes a short story on some special advice given to him by legendary Drino Miller, also an ORMHOF inductee.

The second film short tells a very personal side of Cal Wells courtesy of daughter Sarah Wells. Entitled “My Superhero,” Sarah shares a rare glimpse of the special relationship with her father, as well as his recent successes in a journey to become an even more well-rounded parent and human. 

Entitled the “Riding the Envelope” the third episode focuses on Cal’s brother David Wells, who shares his remembrances of live with the off-road racing legend and his ability to own many opportunities that helped shape a Toyota/PPI effort that lasted for decades. 

The fourth film short comes from an interview with longtime PPI veteran and master crew chief Tommy Morris. Entitled “Electric Razors,” Morris recalls the absolute dedication that was a cornerstone to the team’s ultimate success, a philosophy that illuminates not a simple career, but an all consuming way of life.

Interviews from these short films, along with historic footage and photography, will be brought together in creating a final six-minute Cal Wells tribute making its debut on the evening of Cal’s induction.  

“In reality, the challenge in telling a story as sweeping and comprehensive as Cal’s in just six minutes is an impossible one to overcome,” shared TRG Rennsport founder Marty Fiolka. “In typical Cal fashion, the idea to create a series of vignettes leading up to the induction ceremony was his. He wanted the opportunity for those closest to him in his motorsports journey to share a bit of their story as well. The ‘Excellence Was Expected’ project offers very rare and touching insight into off-road racing’s most successful personality.”  

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