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The 2024 H1 Unlimited Hydroplane season consists of seven races. (H1 Unlimited photo)

H1 Unlimited Introduces Changes For 2024

KENNEWICK, Wash. — The H1 Unlimited Hydroplane Series will head into 2024 with a reorganization that looks to increase the popularity of the sport within the motorsports community.

This overall reorganization includes new members to the H1 Board of Directors and a new entity, Hydrotown Group, focused on enhanced promotion, public and media relations, marketing, and sponsorship experience for H1 Unlimited.

Hydrotown Group along with the new H1 board have spent the past several months developing plans to revitalize and reinvigorate the sport of unlimited hydroplane racing.

The excitement around this revitalization is already producing exciting obligations from at least six boats pledging to compete in the full series with additional boats currently in discussions along with commitments from six race sites across the country and one in Canada. And with the interest of long-term stability for the series a primary goal of the new board, the race site agreements feature multi-year commitments.

“We all have a passion for hydroplane racing and wanted to invest in the promotion of this sport and reintroduce it to a larger audience through enhanced media and sponsorship opportunities,” said Mike Denslow, Chairman of the Board of H1 Unlimited and co-founder of Hydrotown Group.

“We are excited about these changes within H1 Unlimited and are encouraged by the discussions with race team partners as well as race sites that have already taken place. All of us are committed to the long-term success of all our race teams and race sites as we prepare to kick off the 2024 season.”

The 2024 season schedule tentatively consists of Guntersville Lake Hydrofest in Guntersville, Ala., June 29-30; Madison Regatta in Madison, Ind., July 5-7; Tri- City Waterfollies in Tri-Cities, Wash., July 26-28; Seattle Seafair in Seattle, Wash., August 2-4; Penticton (Lake Kelowna), BC (tbd); Detroit Hydrofest & APBA Gold Cup in Detroit, Mich., Aug. 23-25 and San Diego Bayfair in San Diego, Calif., Sept. 13-15.

“The 2024 schedule is continuing to evolve as active discussions are ongoing with Detroit and San Diego for the upcoming season,” said Darrell Strong, H1 Unlimited Board Member and co-founder of Hydrotown Group. “In addition to finalizing the multi-year agreements with our race sites, we are also working with them to develop better partnerships for promoting the races themselves.

“We will have drivers along with a display hydroplane at the upcoming Louisville Boat Show (Jan. 24-28) to help promote the Guntersville, Ala., and Madison, Ind., races. In addition, more visibility of hydroplane racing will be seen with cross promotional events in the various markets in advance of the events of the 2024 season and beyond.”

Hydrotown Group will also invest deeper into overall media of H1 Unlimited through enhancement of the livestream coverage as well as increased public relations and marketing efforts to further showcase the series to a new and larger audience.

The group will focus efforts on series sponsorship and improved national visibility through cross promotion and public relations, which includes the hiring of a dedicated PR agency in Moxy 25.

“Historically, H1 Unlimited has attracted some of the largest partners in the country with boats adorned with Budweiser, DeWalt, Kellogg’s and Tide just to name a few,” said Shannon Raney, H1 Unlimited Board Member and co-owner of the U-11 Legend Yacht Transport hydroplane. “Our goal is to reattract some of those high-level sponsors back to hydroplanes and give them a true VIP experience for their executives, customers and guests while enjoying the most exciting boat racing in the world.”

The new H1 Unlimited Board will include two 2023 members and five new members.

New member and longtime Tri- City Waterfollies board member Mike Denslow has been elected Chairman. Darrell Strong, owner of Strong Racing (Beacon Plumbing and Beacon Electric) and Unlimited Racing Group (Legend Yacht Transport) co-owner Shannon Raney are continuing with the board from the 2023 season.

Additional new members include long time Miss Madison (Goodman Real Estate) team owner’s representative and Hydrotown co-founder Charlie Grooms, H1 media host and race site PA voice Brad Luce, and Bucket List Racing (Flav-R-Pac) co-owner Kelly Stocklin.