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Donny Schatz is all smiles in victory lane. (Frank Smith photo)

Knoxville Nationals Trivia

HARRISBURG, N.C. — With the 61st edition of the NOS Energy Drink Knoxville Nationals on tap this month at Iowa’s legendary Knoxville Raceway, let’s have some fun.

Without utilizing Google, see how well you know sprint car racing’s premier event by answering the following trivia questions. There’s no prize for the top score, but an impressive number of correct responses will earn bragging rights among your racing buddies.


1. What was the occupation of inaugural Knox­ville Nationals winner Roy Robbins?

A. Sign Painter

B. Mechanic

C. Police Officer

D. School Teacher


2. Which driver earned the first of car owner Karl Kinser’s 14 Knoxville Nationals victories?

A. Steve Kinser

B. Mark Kinser

C. Kraig Kinser

D. Dick Gaines


3. Who was the first driver to win the Knoxville Nationals in consecutive years?

A. Eddie Leavitt

B. Kenny Weld

C. Doug Wolfgang

D. Steve Kinser


4. In what year was the Knoxville Nationals last run with non-winged sprint cars?

A. 1973

B. 1975

C. 1978

D. 1981


5. Who is the only driver to win the Nationals finale after transferring from the B main?

A. Doug Wolfgang

B. Donny Schatz

C. Steve Kinser

D. Jan Opperman


6. What was the number on Steve Kinser’s car when he won the Knoxville Nationals for the first time in 1980?

A. 11

B. 53

C. 20

D. 111


7. How many of Donny Schatz’s 10 Knoxville Nationals victories have come in cars entered by Tony Stewart Racing?

A. 8

B. 10

C. 7

D. 3


8. Who is the only driver from the state of Ohio to win the Knoxville Nationals?

A. Brad Doty

B. Kenny Jacobs

C. Dave Blaney

D. Jac Haudenschild


9. How many drivers with the last name Kinser have competed in the Knoxville Nationals finale?

A. 2

B. 3

C. 6

D. 7


10. Who finished second to Kyle Larson in the 2021 edition of the Knoxville Nationals?

A. Logan Schuchart

B. Donny Schatz

C. Rico Abreu

D. Brad Sweet


11. Which central Pennsylvania car owner has won the Nationals four times with two different drivers?

A. Bob Weikert

B. Al Hamilton

C. Walt Dyer

D. Ben Cook


12. The National Sprint Car Hall of Fame & Museum outside of Knoxville Raceway’s turn two opened in what year?

A. 1987

B. 1988

C. 1992

D. 1995


13. What was unique about the cars finishing 1-2 in the inaugural Knoxville Nationals?

A. They were painted bright yellow

B. They were built by Bob Trostle

C. They had Plymouth engines

D. They utilized large airfoils


14. Local favorite Danny Lasoski’s first Nationals triumph in 1998 came while driving for which car owner?

A. Tony Stewart

B. Dennis Roth

C. Guy Forbrook

D. Casey Luna


15. Defending Knoxville Nationals winner Kyle Larson was the event’s top rookie in what year?

A. 2012

B. 2017

C. 2014

D. 2019


16. Which driver has led the most feature laps (47) without winning a Nationals title?

A. Brian Brown

B. Jason Meyers

C. Terry McCarl

D. Joey Saldana


17. Who was the first Knoxville Nationals winner to qualify for the Indianapolis 500?

A. Steve Kinser

B. Joe Saldana

C. Greg Weld

D. Jan Opperman


18. How many times has 1983 winner Sammy Swindell participated in the Knoxville Nationals?

A. 37

B. 46

C. 52

D. 33


Answers: 1. B; 2. D; 3. B; 4. D; 5. B; 6. C; 7. A; 8. C; 9. C; 10. B; 11. A; 12. C; 13. D; 14. B; 15. A; 16. D; 17. C; 18. B.

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