Erik Jones sports a throwback to Richard Petty at North Wilkesboro.

Jones, No. 43 Team Penalized For L-1 Infraction

The No. 43 Legacy Motor Club team has been levied an L-1 level infraction for a modified greenhouse found during post-race inspection at World Wide Technology Raceway near St. Louis last weekend. 

The penalty involved the loss of 60 points and five playoff points for both the team and driver, Erik Jones. 

Crew chief Dave Elenz has also been suspended for two races and was fined $75,000. 

The No. 43 crew violated Sections 14.1 and 12.1.2.B in the NASCAR Rule Book, which are the same sections that Hendrick Motorsports violated earlier this year on two of their entries. 

There were two additional penalties dealt for the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series race at WWTR.

The first was to the crew chief of Christian Eckes’ No. 19 Chevrolet, Charles Denike, who was fined $2,500 for a lug nut that was not properly installed. The second was to the crew chief of Chris Hacker’s No. 02 Chevrolet, Andrew Abbott, for a window net violation. Abbott was fined $5,000, while the team and driver also lost 25 points.