Marc Marquez (Honda photo)

Repsol & Honda Extend Agreement

Repsol and Honda Racing Corp. are renewing their collaboration for two more seasons, through Dec. 31, 2024, when the 30th anniversary of their alliance will be celebrated.

The goal from 2023 onwards is clear: to be the best in MotoGP again.

The main challenge for the Repsol Honda Team will be to respond to the commitment made by Dorna, the International Motorcycling Federation and IRTA to turn the championship into a more sustainable sport, reducing the carbon footprint, through the adoption of renewable fuels in MotoGP. Specifically, in 2024, 40% of fuel will have to be of non-fossil origin and, in 2027, 100%.

“It brings us great pride to once again continue our collaboration with Repsol, extending a long and fruitful partnership,” said Koji Watanabe, president of Honda Racing Corp. “We are not simply working as sponsor and manufacturer; we are a true team with a deep level of technical collaboration. With upcoming changes to fuel regulations, having a partner such as Repsol is key. Once again, we will work alongside them to achieve the best possible performance and results. Together we have celebrated good days and worked together to overcome the bad – we remain keenly focused on returning to the top of the World Championship and continuing to be the reference in the fields of technology and competition.”

The work of Repsol and Honda in MotoGP over the next two years will allow the team to lead the sustainable transformation of competition.

Repsol and HRC first joined forces in 1995, in an historic alliance in the world of sport, combining passion, technology and the constant search for innovation.

In these 28 years, the Repsol Honda Team has become a benchmark in the world of motorsport, especially in the MotoGP World Championship.

A story full of success has also been a story of innovation, talent and teamwork, responding to the continuous challenges to stay at the top, season after season.

The last few seasons have been more challenging for the Repsol Honda Team, although they have served as a foundation for progress in preparing for the future.