Jarod Vanderkooi is returning to JMC Motorsports.

Vanderkooi Returns To JMC Motorsports For AFT

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. — JMC Motorsports is bringing Jarod Vanderkooi back as pilot and Fairway Ford Ohio as title sponsor to battle for the Mission SuperTwins championship aboard an Indian FTR750 during the 2024 Progressive American Flat Track season.

This year marks the fourth consecutive season Vanderkooi and team owner Jay Maloney have worked in unison, starting as rider and crew chief 2021. During that span, the duo has secured a total of ten premier-class podium finishes, including nine top twos, highlighted by Vanderkooi’s maiden victory and Progressive Triple Crown triumph at the end of the ‘22 season.

Canfield Ohio-based Fairway Ford Ohio came aboard as title sponsor in Maloney’s return to team owner a year ago.

The team came out swinging in 2023, scoring a runner-up result during the season-opening doubleheader, before ultimately securing 15 top tens en route to a seventh-place Grand National Championship ranking.

Building on that experience, the ambition is to achieve even greater success in 2024.

Jay Maloney, team owner, said, “JMC Motorsports is looking to significantly up our results from last year. We had a few results that showed where we belong, but it felt like the majority of the year we battled through bad luck and flat-out bad results, and we plan to put behind us.

“Back with Jarod and the Fairway Ford family, there’s no reason we shouldn’t be fighting for the top step of the podium with regularity this season. We had an outpouring of support from the Progressive AFT community to support our 2024 efforts. Floyd Tapp, a long-time supporter of Jarod, helped tremendously in pushing those efforts forward.

“For that, we’re very appreciative, and plan to take full advantage of the opportunity before us.”

Vanderkooi added, “Going into the 2024 season honestly the best word to use is, grateful. This will be my fourth year working with Jay. Last year we branched out under our own tent, and we learned so much that will set us up to be that much stronger and hungrier than ever before.”