Bacoin & Leary 12056
Brady Bacon (69) battles C.J. Leary and Logan Seavey at Florida’s Ocala Speedway. (Dick Ayers photo)

INSIDER: USAC’s Best Are Staying The Course

When High Limit Racing unveiled substantial payouts for those who support its sprint car series this season, the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series increased its payoffs as well. 

And many pundits saw the two-series talent split as the perfect opportunity for non-winged racers to abandon USAC and compete for more money as Tyler Courtney has done successfully. 

But the racers themselves mostly discount wholesale change.

“They haven’t seen my tax returns for about 85 races,” said two-time USAC sprint car champion Justin Grant with a laugh. “I start at 95 races in all three divisions of USAC and lose about 10 to rain. That schedule fits my lifestyle better than a winged program. My wife works, we’ve got kids at home and with USAC, we’re on the road a little while, like the Florida tour, then home again. We can race all the time but we’re reasonably close to our home in Indiana.

“I’ve looked at winged cars, but I really enjoy what I do now and the math just doesn’t work for me.”

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