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A packed house at New Jersey’s Atco Dragway. (Atco Dragway photo)

Jersey’s Atco Dragway Closes

ATCO, N.J. — Atco Dragway, a fixture in southern New Jersey for more than 60 years, closed on Tuesday.

Atco Dragway officials announced the closure in a Facebook statement 

“Atco Dragway is permanently closed. We will not be open from this point on. The remainder of our schedule for 2023 will be canceled,” the announcement stated. “Thank you all for your patronage and memories over the years.” 

Atco Dragway was built in 1959 and opened on Memorial Day weekend in 1960.

Running under NHRA sanction, at one point the track was among the busiest in the country holding more than 265 events in a single year.