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Justin Ashley is at the wheel of his Top Fuel dragster. (NHRA photo)

Bendix CVS Joins Justin Ashley Racing Partnership

IRVINE, Calif. — Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems has joined the partnership with Phillips Connect Motorsports and Justin Ashley Racing for the remainder of the NHRA Camping World Drag Racing Series.

“Nothing beats the electricity of being up close with the race team and our customers at each event,” said Jon Intagliata, product group director at Bendix. “Phillips Connect and Justin Ashley Racing represent the best of the best. Bendix is excited to join this partnership and unite in our shared mission to drive increased safety, excellence, and value.”

Phillips Industries and Bendix have a long-standing business relationship that goes back decades.

Bendix is known for its innovative integrated solutions in the commercial vehicle industry, and Phillips Connect recognized the opportunity to include them as a partner of the motorsports program to foster business relationships at NHRA races.

“I am very pleased that Bendix has joined us in our partnership with the Justin Ashley Race Team. Bendix is a fundamental building block of today’s commercial vehicle industry with a strong reputation and a name synonymous with quality,” noted Rob Phillips, founder and CEO of Phillips Connect. “Bendix’s technology advances and commitment to the industry have driven us all forward. Phillips Connect is fortunate to have them as a partner.”

“I am very much looking forward to working with Bendix throughout the remainder of the 2022 season,” said NHRA Top Fuel Driver Justin Ashley. “They are an industry leader in the design and development of so many products used to increase driver safety and vehicle efficiency. That’s a perfect fit with our race team because in many ways we look to accomplish that same objective. This is an excellent opportunity for our team to help further introduce Bendix and its customers to the NHRA community.”

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