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Chad Simpson (Mike Ruefer photo)

Simpson Speeds To Davenport LM Score

DAVENPORT, Iowa — For the first time in 20 years, stock car racing was held at the Davenport Speedway on Memorial Day.

Despite threatening weather all around the racetrack, fans were treated to fast cars, rainbows, and a rollover.

The event was originally scheduled for Friday, May 24th, but was rained out. The racing program was highlighted by the Malvern Bank Super Late Model Racing East Series.

Chad Simpson walked away with the winner’s share of the Malvern Bank East Series money.

Luke Pestka started the feature on the pole and led the first eight laps. Defending series champion Chad Holladay was next to hold the top spot. He led laps nine through twenty.

On the 21st lap, Holladay slipped on the edge of turn two, giving Simpson the opening he needed to take the lead. Simpson would lead the remaining laps for the win, his first Malvern Bank victory of the year.

Derrick Stewart would also pass Holladay and finish second.

Luke Goedert placed fourth while Justin Kay rounded out the top five.

Matt Werner won the IMCA Modified feature and is credited with leading all 25 laps. It was not as easy as it sounds.

Spencer Diercks started in the row behind Werner and followed him to the front. Diercks hounded the leader lap after lap and even got beside Werner late in the race.

However, his efforts to take the lead allowed Joel Rust to close in and pull a slide job on Spencer in the final corner to steal away a second place finish. Diercks held on to finish third. Chris Zogg took fourth and Eric Barnes fifth.

Shane Paris grabbed his first victory at Davenport this year in SportMod action.

Daniel Wauters captured the win in an action-filled Hobby Stock feature.

The finish:

Feature (25 Laps): 1. 25-Chad Simpson[6]; 2. 43-Derrick Stewart[7]; 3. 32C-Chad Holladay[4]; 4. 44-Luke Goedert[5]; 5. 15K-Justin Kay[8]; 6. 58-Dave Eckrich[10]; 7. 32G-Curtis Glover[9]; 8. 10T-Jeff Tharp[15]; 9. 38T-Dylan Thornton[19]; 10. 07-Matt Ryan[11]; 11. 29-Spencer Diercks[16]; 12. 99-Luke Pestka[1]; 13. 56-Andy Eckrich[13]; 14. 76H-Jason Hahne[17]; 15. 99D-Darrel DeFrance[20]; 16. 20-Zach Less[12]; 17. 15C-Curt Schroeder[18]; 18. 33-Nick Marolf[2]; 19. 42-Fred Remley[21]; 20. 22-Charlie McKenna[3]; 21. 44W-David Webster[22]; 22. (DNS) 25B-Bryan Klein