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Pinkerous Rules Tri-City LM Test

FRANKLIN, Pa. —  Brock “Boom Boom” Pinkerous survived a brief rain delay and drove away from all of his competitors to capture his first RUSH Touring Series race in his short career.

It was his third win ever with the sanctioning body, the other two coming in weekly series racing.

The New York teen, Pinkerous, also won the RUSH Dash to secure the pole position for the 25-lap A Main. Joe Martin was on his flank. Jeremy Wonderling lined up in third, next to Kurt Stebbins. Josh Ferry and Jared Miley were in row three. The fourth consisted of Mike Wonderling and Daryl Charlier. In row five, Jason Knowles and Ben Easler were paired up. I the sixth were Kyle Zimmerman and Jim Rasey.

Pinkerous took the early lead, with Martin giving chase. Pinkerous and Martin separated themselves from the rest of the pack. There was a good battle among Mike Wonderling, Charlier, and Zimmerman in the middle stage of the race for positions in the top five.

There were a number of cautions during the race, and a red for good measure. The red was called for the flip by Rob Cofarro, who was not injured in the incident. None of these stoppages hindered Pinkerous, as he was able to maintain his lead on each restart.

Pinkerous took the checkers, followed by Mike Wonderling, Martin, Charlier, and Rasey. Sixth went to Stebbins, with Miley, Damian Bidwell, Austin Allen, and Ashton Briggs rounding out the top 10.

None of the other divisions completed their feature events. The BRP Modifieds were on the track, with one lap complete, when the rains came during a caution period. Ayden Cipriano was leading at the time the race was called.