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MyRacePass Acquires MSR Mafia Marketing

LINCOLN, Neb. – MyRacePass has reached a deal with MSR Mafia Marketing Services to acquire the Tennessee-based company, effective immediately.

MSR Mafia founder, Ben Shelton, along with the company’s director of operations, Jeremy Peters, join forces with the racing platform.

“This is a very exciting time for the MyRacePass family,” said Josh Holt, director of business and marketing for MyRacePass. “We’ve been very active in the race track website market over the past several years, but have been wanting to expand our existing driver website portfolio.”

“We have spent the past year developing a long-term strategy for this endeavor, and the addition of MSR Mafia helps all the pieces fall into place,” he added. “Myself, along with my two business partners, Ross VanEck and Zach Calmus feel strongly that the knowledge and work ethic Ben Shelton and Jeremy Peters bring meshes well with the MyRacePass team culture and will elevate our client services to the next level.”

For Shelton, the opportunity to join forces with MyRacePass allows him to focus on offering clients expanded services.

“Throughout the past 14 years, MSR Mafia has grown bigger than I ever dreamed due to amazing support from hundreds of racers, companies, tracks and series,” Shelton said. “I have so many ideas for future growth, and with the technology and support staff that MyRacePass has in place, I know I can now make many of these ideas a reality.

“One of the most exciting aspects of this new endeavor is that I still get to work hand-in-hand with all of my existing clients and will be able to give both them and new customers unprecedented support and services,” he added.

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