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Chad Homan in victory lane at Genesee Speedway. (RUSH photo)

Homan RUSHes To Genesee Triumph

BATAVIA, N.Y. — In his seventh year of RUSH Late Model racing, Chad Homan finally garnered his first career Flynn’s Tire Touring Series victory Saturday night at Genesee Speedway.

The Empire State standout made a winning season debut at Genesee last Saturday night in a tune-up for Saturday’s Tour show.

The move paid off as Homan started fourth, passed Joe Martin for the lead on lap 12 and then held off a late charge by last September’s Genesee Tour winner, John Waters, in lapped traffic for the $3,000 payday.

“Oh man this feels good,” Homan said. “This is a bucket list for my Crate Late Model career to win one of these so it wouldn’t be complete until we finally did it. We don’t run a whole lot of these races, but I’ve been trying for more than six years to get one. The stuff that Lazer (Chassis) has given me this year is so unbelievable. If we ever had a shot at one, it was these few that were local to us. I was bummed Outlaw got rained out last night; in my mind that was my best shot. We came here last week and tested and got it to rotate the bottom. I figured once we got to lapped traffic and I got the bottom working, we’d be good. Joe (Martin) was tough. I got a better launch on the second restart and got a run around the top and got around him. Once I could set my own pace, I felt pretty good about it.”

Waters came home second, with Joe Martin, Jeremy Wonderling and Logan Roberson rounding out the top five.

The finish:
1. Chad Homan (91) 2. John Waters (LeBarron 11) 3. Joe Martin (Snyder 10s) 4. Jeremy Wonderling (3J) 5. Logan Roberson (17) 6. Cody Dawson (36) 7. Dennis Lunger, Jr. (71L) 8. Chris Fleming (10) 9. Dusty Waters (14) 10. Doug Ricotta (01) 11. Jason Knowles (4) 12. Matt Latta (21) 13. Dave DuBois (012) 14. Breyton Santee (9) 15. Brady Wonderling (z1) 16. Joe Long (71) 17. Ashton Briggs (11A) 18. J.J. Mazur (13) 19. Aaron Miller (20) 20. Chuck LaFleur (61) 21. Jimmy Johnson (93J) 22. David Pangrazio (55) 23. Jason Genco (Craig/Badgley (29J) 24. Steve LeBarron (29) 25. Mike Wonderling (18). (Note: Matt Latta took a Tour provisional.)