Randall Beckwith

Beckwith Conquers Magnolia Dirt

COLUMBUS, Miss. — Randall Beckwith found a centerpiece for his trophy case after driving the Beckwith Forestry Service Rocket to his first career Newsome Raceway Parts Crate Racin’ USA Dirt Late Model Series win on Saturday night at Magnolia Motor Speedway.

Beckwith found the inside groove to his liking and took the lead on lap 25 for a $3,000 victory.

“I’ve raced a lot of these Crate Racin’ USA races through the years, and I always wanted one of those Gold Helmet Trophies,” Beckwith said. “It feels great to get one because they’re so hard to win. I found the fast way around on the bottom at the right time to get the lead, then the track took rubber, so it was just a matter of staying there and not making a mistake.”

Jeremy Shaw finished second in the Bud Coley Trucking Special and Evan Ellis took the third spot in the Ellis Specialty Welding Rocket after leading the first 24 laps of the 50-lap race.

Shaw and Ellis caught Beckwith in the last ten laps of the race, but dared not to leave the sweet spot of the race track.

The 2020 Newsome Raceway Parts Crate Racin’ USA Dirt Late Model Series National Champion Wil Herrington was fourth in the 5m Construction Rocket.

Jody Knowles earned a prize from his cousin Jake Knowles, as he started 19th and finished fifth in the Clayton Signs/Gentry’s Used Auto Parts Stinger to win the Knowles Race Parts and Bodies Hard Charger of the Race Award.

The finish:

Randall Beckwith, Jeremy Shaw, Evan Ellis, Wil Herrington, Jody Knowles, Tyler Wood, Corey Dunn, Oakley Johns, T.J. Brittain, Jamie Pickard, Kyle Shaw, Dewayne Estes, Steve Russell, Cameron Weaver, Grant Pearl, Buddy George, Josh Huss, Marcus Minga, Matthew Brocato, Robert Moore, Jason Markewitz, Justin McRee, Wayne Harbin, Sterling Freeman.


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