Chaz Baca Jr. in victory lane Sunday night at Arizona Speedway. (Terry Page Photo)
Chaz Baca Jr. in victory lane Sunday night at Arizona Speedway. (Terry Page Photo)

Baca Bests Arizona Modified Foes

SAN TAN VALLEY, Ariz. – Chaz Baca Jr. banked $1,000 for his victory in the modified portion of Sunday’s Wild Wing Shootout finale at Arizona Speedway.

The modified finale saw Bricen James and Baca on the front row as they would lead the field to the green flag. While the duo would race side by side for the opening lap, James would get the initial jump before a push in turns one and two allowed Baca to take over the race’s top spot.

While Baca took over the top spot, Tanner Black would jump into second on the fifth lap.  While Baca continued to pull away, Brandon Schmitt would start to make some moves as he jumped up into the second position on the 11th lap before the race was halted on the 12th marker.

The restart saw Baca drive away from the field, but opening night winner, Casey Arneson made a nice move to slip into the fourth position as Black was able to return to second.

As Bacca pulled away to earn the big win during the final night of racing, Black would hang on to finish second with Schmitt finishing third, Arneson fourth, and Cody Laney rounding out the top-five.

The finish:

1. 75jr Chaz Baca (2), 2. 44t Tanner Black (3), 3. 20 Brandon Schmitt (4), 4. 2 Casey Arneson (8), 5. 5l Cody Laney (6), 6. C9 Collen Winbarger (7), 7. 13 Bricen James (1), 8. V13 Grey Ferrando (5), 9. 6 Casey Skyberg (11), 10. 21J Jon Debenedetti (10), 11. 75 Spencer Wilson (9), 12. 83 Kellen Chadwick (21), 13. 40jr Bubba Stafford, Jr. 14. 15jt Justin McCreadie (14), 15. 07x Troy Morris Jr, 16. 44k Kelsie Foley (19), 17. 77s Jerry Schram (17), 18. 80 John Pierce (16), 19. Joey Franklin (15), 20. 15J Jeremy Richey (18), 21. 61 Chad Stevens (20)